Osaka, Japan. 3rd. July, 2016

Zaif Exchange, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, today announced that it has added another currency into its trading platform. The cryptocurrency – XEM – has seen a meteoric rise in its value in the last 2 weeks, and it is timely that this is now added into the Zaif trading platform. XEM is the cryptocurrency of the NEM blockchain platform. At the time of this press release, the XEM market cap is 95.4 million USD at

The NEM blockchain technology has a huge following in Japan, thanks to Zaif CEO, Takao Asayama, who has been the strongest evangelist and official spokesperson for NEM in Japan over the last few months. In view of the reasonably strong following there, Takao Asayama has been officially assigned as Director, NEM Japan. He shall represent NEM’s presence in Japan.

“It is timely that we can engage someone in Japan to spearhead the development and promotion of the NEM blockchain technology. Japan seems quick to jump onto this technology ahead of the rest of the world, although this solution was mooted and developed in the USA and Europe. Given Takao Asayama’s commitment and involvement, we are confident that he will be able to take NEM to the net level in Japan.” – Lon Wong, CEO of Dragonfly Fintech, core member of the NEM team, and advisor to the Blockchain Collaboration Consortium, Japan.

Zaif Exchange has over the years, grown to be one of Japan’s top exchanges. Currently, the Zaif exchange trades only Bitcoin and Monacoin. With the inclusion of the XEM/JPY currency pair – the XEM/BTC pair will follow in the next 2 weeks – Zaif Exchange is well poised to take the pole position in Japan as a premier exchange, especially given that the NEM project is well received in Japan.

Zaif additionally offers support for auto-reserve service which will be ready in about a month. Customers in Japan can buy XEM automatically using the dollar cost averaging method.

NEM is a 2.0 blockchain platform with some features that are unique to NEM. The two most outstanding features are the NEM Mosaics and the multi-signature feature. The NEM Mosaics are unique tokens or assets that can be created by an entity to be used for its application, e.g., game points or an asset to represent a currency or even another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The ease of transaction, and the ease of programming applications on top of NEM, makes NEM a very appealing blockchain solution.

Tech Bureau Corp., the parent company of the Zaif Exchange developed Mijin, a private blockchain solution that uses the NEM blockchain technology. Its next release, Catapult, a private blockchain solution, will see a substantial improvement in performance and throughput compared to Mijin. When completed, Catapult will be contributed to the NEM open source project, as well as deploying it into the NEM public blockchain. This Catapult NEM blockchain project, which is being financed by Tech Bureau, demonstrates Tech Bureau’s commitment to the NEM open source project.

NEM’s Catapult is the first blockchain solution to apply the private/public chain model. Given its semblance to the enterprise model vs. the open source model, Tech Bureau is in a position to offer enterprise services to its users who require the proper enterprise support.

Takao Asayama, CEO of Tech Bureau and Director of NEM Japan says, “The project to fusion Tech Bureau and NEM into one big community is a continuing challenge for us all. However, NEM has grown its market cap by 5,000% in last 6 months since Tech Bureau started working on mijin with the 3 NEM core developers. I am proud to say that number is one of the indicators which symbolizes our success. Now I am responsible for the Japan chapter as a director and excited to see that NEM has already started making a certain volume of buzz here. I am excited to launch the new common Catapult core this summer.”

NEM has demonstrated deployment of unique and advanced technology, and given the fast pace development, especially in Japan, it is looking forward to seeing its promotion not only in Japan but also outside of it.

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