About the Zaif usage risk and security system
At Zaif, we have established a service system that is robust in terms of its capacity, security, and operation in order that our customers can trade safely. We would like you to understand the risks involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions, and also to understand the effort we put into security.

Usage risk

The following risks are involved in storing the cryptocurrency and cash that you deposit with us.

  1. Risk of operational management
  2. Risk of operator employee fraud
  3. Risk of operator security
  4. Risk of the Bitcoin network itself

From these four perspectives, and in order to ensure maximum safety and security, Zaif has laid out the following framework.

① Reinforcement of stored cryptocurrency management

Among the cryptocurrency balances entrusted by you, those that are not in circulation are stored offline in a state of being totally isolated from the system (Cold Storage), and in order to get them moving again we have adopted an internal control system that requires an electronic signature from multiple authorized administrators (Multi-Signature) across multiple stages.

② Reinforcement of user information and backup data management

Reading or restoring user information or backup data also requires an electronic signature from multiple authorized administrators (Multi-Signature) across multiple stages.

③ Reinforcement of system infrastructure robustness

We externally block the exchange system at multiple levels, and we are building a system security environment where hacking into the internal system is practically impossible. Therefore, all outside access to the database, etc. is impossible.

④ Separation of customer deposits

Management funds and customer deposits are managed completely separately. Those deposits are never diverted to fund company operations or other moneymaking.

⑤ Strengthening of risk management and security measures

For our development team, we hired talented personnel working in financial services development in Silicon Valley. Fraud detection based on Western mathematical models was introduced, fraud countermeasures adapted for Japan’s financial situation were also implemented, and we actively support international AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) standards.

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