Thank you for using Zaif Exchange.

From May 25th, 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will come into effect in the European Union (EU), with the goal of ensuring basic human rights around personal information.
In applying this, we need to notify you, our users, of effects that this will have on our End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy, which we are doing in this email.

About general data protection rule (GDPR)

* In the privacy notice, we describe the following two points.

  • The type of personal information we collect, the way we use information, the third party sharing information with us, and the choice you can exercise about the use of our information.

  • Measures taken by the Company to protect the security of information and the way to contact our company about our privacy practices.

Our company is currently reviewing the contents of our End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy and partially revising it to comply with GDPR, and we will implement these changes by May 25th, 2018.
If you continue to use our service after May 25th, 2018, The customers living in the EEA will need to consent to the revised contents. The points that have been changed are outlined below:

  • Definition of personal information

  • Purpose of using personal information

  • Third party provision of personal information

  • Discontinuation of use of personal information, etc.

  • Contact details for users who are subject to GDPR and wish to exercise their rights will be clearly listed.

  • Add privacy notice

For more detailed information, please refer to the following links.

Privacy Policy: /en/privacy/
Privacy Notice:/en/privacy_notice/
* The privacy policy is scheduled to be updated on May 25 (Fri), Privacy Notice is scheduled to be released on May 25 (Fri).

Our company handles personal information on the basis of our Privacy Policy. We would appreciate it if you took this chance to check once again the contents of this policy.

We appreciate for your continued support of cryptocurrency exchange 「Zaif」.


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