After taking a picture of the document that includes your name, current address, and contact information,
upload the image file in either JPEG or PNG format to the Identity Verification Documents page.

Required documents for Identity verification

● passport (The page of your current address written is also required.
The address page usually has on the last page of passport, which it is called “Information of bearer” on some passport. )
● selfie of yourself holding photo page of your passport and a memo that includes “Zaif”, “submission date” and a purpose such as “Open an account” 
※We may request to upload another official certificate in some cases.

  • Please only upload certifications that are within the expiration date.
  • Please upload clear color images taken of the original item by a digital camera or smartphone.
  • Black and white images, hard-to-read images, images of copied documents, and documents that appear edited will not be accepted.
  • If you don’t have passport or there is no address page on your passport, please submit another official certificate issued by government which has address and your photo in it.
  • The address registered in Zaif and address on the document submitted need to be written in English.
  • Please enter your name with your mother tongue and English notation on your Zaif account. If there is no description of the name with your mother tongue on the documents submitted, please enter your name in English notation on both of the Name blank.
  • We can’t accept bank statement or phone bill for identity verification document.
  • Please contact to Support if you have any questions about valid documents.