At the exchange the trades occur between users, but at Instant Exchange trades are done by trading a virtual currency maintained by Zaif.
At the exchange trades are not completed until a trading partner accepting the price of the order appears, but at Instant Exchange it is done at a fixed price (the price fluctuates),
so that selling and buying is done instantly. However, since transactions are done in a virtual currency maintained by Zaif,
the maximum value for each trade is ¥500,000, and the maximum value for each day is ¥50,000,000.

If it is before you are ordering a credit transaction you cannot make the order, if a sell order you placed has been completed you cannot buy it back because the price has fluctuated,
and if the margin retention falls below 30% it will become subject to loss cut and forced settlement will be done at the selling position of the held position.

If you pair virtual currencies it is not possible to withdraw Japanese yen. (For example MONA/BTC, XEM/BTC or others.)
For both Instant Exchange and exchange it is necessary to make a BTC/JPY, MONA/JPY, XEM/JPY or other transaction with a Japanese Yen currency pair
and change it to yen before withdrawing it.