Customers who cannot receive an authentication code, such as customers who have PHS (Personal Handy-phone System), customers who only have a landline,
and customers who use MNP (mobile number portability) can send us “proof of payment of telephone charges (※)” for their registered phone number,
and Zaif will confirm and complete the code registration process on their behalf.

※ “Proof of payment of telephone charges” must be a document like one of the below which shows the customer’s name and telephone number.

※We cannot accept documents for proof of payment of telephone charges in the form of smartphone or PC screenshots. Thank you for your understanding.
※If the size of the data is small (under 1MB), please send the proof of payment documents as an attachment to this e-mail address,
or upload the image when completing the identity verification application.
If the data is over 1MB, please send it to the following e-mail address.