• It takes over ten seconds for the code to be sent, so please wait until the next screen is displayed.
  • Phone number verification can only be completed within Japan.
  • Cellular phones that do not have SMS capability / PHS / international cellular phones cannot be used.
Failure to receive the phone number verification message could be caused by one of the following:
  • Due to heavy traffic at the SMS transmission center, the transmission between the center and your device has been delayed.
  • The registered phone number is incorrect.
  • SMS messages are set to be blocked in the spam mail filter settings.

Spam mail filter settings

Customers who set their phones not to receive messages from international phone numbers may also not be receiving SMS from domestic numbers,




There have been cases where the SMS has been received over three hours after the filter has been removed. Depending on the carrier’s situation, it may take time for the SMS to arrive.
※If you do not receive the code even if there are no problems with the filter settings or anything else, please contact us.