After taking a picture of the document that includes your name, current address, and contact information,
upload the image file in either JPEG or PNG format to the Identity Verification Documents page.

Example of acceptable identity verification documents

<1 of the following documents>
● Resident card (if your address is different than the one displayed on the front side you must also include an image of the back side)
● Driver's license (If your address is different than the one displayed on the front side you must also included an image of the back side. ※Must be stamped by the Public Safety Commission. Hand-written will not be accepted)
● Individual Number Card (Individual Number Notification Cards are not accepted)
● Japanese passport / visa (an image of the page where your address is written is also required)
<In the case of public certifications issued by a government agency without a photo of your face, you must submit one of the following combinations of two documents>
● One public certification issued by a government agency (health insurance card, resident card, etc.) + one utility bill receipt (electricity / gas / water, or landline phone bill receipt)
● Two public certifications issued by a government agency
※The utility bill receipt must display the customer's name and address and an issue date
※Documents that have no expiration date are only valid until three months after issuance
  • Please only upload certifications that are within the expiration date.
  • Please only upload identity verification documents without an expiration date (resident cards, utility bill / telephone bill receipts, registers, etc.) that have been issued within the past three months.
  • Temporary licenses and international licenses cannot be used as identification documents.
  • Please note that driver’s licenses with holes in them will not be accepted.
  • Please upload clear color images taken of the original item by a digital camera or smartphone.
  • Black and white images, hard-to-read images, images of copied documents, and documents that appear edited will not be accepted.
  • Even in the case when there are no problems with the uploaded documents, we reserve the right to ask customers to re-apply using different images such as selfies (a picture of oneself that includes identification documents with a picture of the individual’s face, and a memo that includes “Zaif”, “submission date” and a purpose such as “Open an account”) based on our judgment.
    ※ For security reasons we cannot answer any questions about our evaluation criteria. We ask for your understanding.