In order to open a Zaif Exchange account, you must first verify your identity.
Identity verification requires three separate registrations: “Phone Number Authentication,” “Identity Verification Documents,” and “Identity Verfication Code Input.”


  1. Log in to Zaif.
  2. Access the “Phone Number Authentication” page: “Account” > “Identity Verification” > “Phone Number Authentication”
  3. Enter your phone number into the “Phone Number” input field located in the middle of the Phone Number Authentication Code Issuance page and press the button that says “Register.”
    Landline telephone numbers, international telephone numbers, and PHS (Personal Handy-phone System) cannot be used for phone number authentication. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. A screen will be displayed indicating that the code has been sent.
    Soon after, a 6-digit authentication code will be sent to the customer’s cellular phone via SMS.
    Return to the Zaif screen, and click the button that says “Click here to register your phone number authentication code.”
    ※If you do not receive an authentication code (SMS), please refer to the following page.
  5. On the Phone Number Authentication Code Registration page, enter the 6-digit authentication code you received and click the “Register” button.
  6. Once the registration has been completed you will be shown a registration completion page.
  7. If you return to the Account Page, you will see a check next to Phone Number Authentication.

  1. Click the “Account” button on the top menu and proceed to the “Identity Verification Documents” page: “Identity Verification” > “Identity Verification Documents”
  2. Click the “Select Files” button located in the middle of the Identity Verification Documents page, select your identity verification documents, and click the “Upload” button.
    ※You can upload up to 4 files. Only image files in JPEG or PNG format can be uploaded.
    Uploading the documents does not complete the application process.
    ※Please refer to the following page regarding the necessary documents for identity verification.
  3. If there are no mistakes in the uploaded file names or anywhere else, click the button that says “Apply with the uploaded files.”
  4. When verifying your identity through image uploads, excluding cases when we are unable to verify your identity due to mistakes in the documents,
    the confirmation process will be completed in one business day after the images have been uploaded.
    If there are any problems with the documents or mistakes in the registered information, we will contact the e-mail address that has been provided.
  5. Once the screening has been completed, the description line behind “Identity Verification Documents” will read “Completed.”