1. Login to Zaif.
  2. Proceed to [Account]>[Japanese Yen Deposit and Withdrawals]>[Pay-easy Deposit]
  3. Enter the deposit amount, and click [Create Deposit/Withdrawal with Pay-easy]
  4. A confirmation page will be displayed, so click [Proceed] upon confirming details.
  5. You will proceed to the payment page, so click [Next] upon checking the convenience store option.
  6. Confirm the [Storage Agency Number], [Customer Number], [Confirmation Number],then access a nearby Pay-easy compatible ATM, or internet-banking.
  7. Upon entering the three required numbers, the Pay-easy deposit will be completed.
    Upon the payment procedure, the Japanese Yen deposit will be accepted in a few minutes up to an hour.
Cautionary Notes
*Regarding payment amounts made by Pay-easy, they are subject to a one week limit, and withdrawals may not be made if the market value of the remaining balance is less than the total Pay-easy withdrawal amount. Please see the following page for more details.

*Payments must be made from a bank, deposit-compatible ATM, or internet banking. For more information on compatible banking institutions and services, please check here.

*An additional service fee will be applied to the deposit amount. This fee will be the responsibility of the customer.