Please contact us using the contact us page if the account is locked after entering an incorrect password several times.

We will unlock your account after verifying your identity.
When contacting us, please include the following information in the message.

1. Your name, and how to pronounce your name
2. Your address registered in Zaif
3. Date and time you registered on Zaif
4. Transaction history
5. Your phone number on Zaif
If you forgot your password, please refer to the I forgot my password page below.
Also, if your account was accidentally locked for no apparent reason (entered correct password, etc.), please notify us.
If the submitted information does not match our registered information, or if there is no registered information, or if the information is obviously not present, we may be unable to unlock your account. Please be sure to enter your correct basic information before purchasing or selling.
If you get the prompt, “account has been temporarily locked”, please wait and try again later.