Any time you send XEM it is deplayed on the following page: “Account > Deposit and Withdrawl History > XEM Deposits and Withdrawls XEM Withdrawls”
If you forgot to attach a message when you sent XEM,

We need to verify your identity and payment.
Please sending us the following information from the inquiry page.

1.The name you used to register for Zaif
2.The address you used to register for Zaif
3.The phone number you used to register for Zaif (for those who have already registered)

4.The date and time payment was sent
5.The payment amount
6.Handling fees
7.Transaction ID (Hash)
8.Whether or not there were additional messages (and if there were, provide the assigned character string)
9.A screenshot of the remitter’s payment history
● Image Data
※Please make sure your screenshot is under one megabyte and attach it to this mail.

● Response Time
※We use each piece of information to investiage your claim.
Please wait until the following business day, although depending on the situation it may be necessary to wait longer. Thank you for your understanding.