1. Login to Zaif.
  2. Go to [Accounts], then to [Accounts and Security], then to the [2-step verification settings] page.
  3. In the 2-step verification settings page,
    (1) Recommended 2-step verification apps
    (2) QR code
    (3) URI if the QR code cannot be read
    (4) 6-digit token entry form
    confirm that the above items are displayed.
    ※*If the above items are not displayed, you can directly access the website at https://zaif.jp/edit/2fa_start.
  4. From (1) [Recommended 2-step verification apps], you can install a 2-step verification app into your smartphone.
    ※*Available apps are “IIJ SmartKey”, “Google Authenticator”, and “AUTHY”, of which any can be used without issue.
    ※*Please download the apps from official stores for iOS or Android.
  5. When you start the 2-step verification app after installing, use the camera on your smartphone to read the (2) [QR code].
    After successfully reading the QR code, your Zaif account will be registered to the 2-step verification app.
    *If the 2-step verification app is not compatible with QR codes, click (3) [URI].
  6. 6. After your Zaif account has been added to the 2-step verification app, confirm that the 6-digit token code is displayed on the app screen.
    Enter this token code into the form in (4) and click the [Confirm] button.