“Zaif” provides chat functionality on trading pages.
We hope users will find this functionality a handy tool to exchange information and support each other.

Users must adhere to this usage agreement when using the chat functionality.
Once registered, a chat name cannot be used by others until it is changed. The check mark next to a chat name indicates that the poster’s identity has been confirmed. Chat names can be changed at any time, but the ID that is displayed on mouseover is unique to every poster and cannot be used to impersonate anyone else.
Also, all information such as content posted in the chat, posting time, poster ID, IP address, etc. is recorded.

When using the chat functionality, please make sure to avoid engaging in any of the following speech or behaviors, whether directly or indirectly:

  1. Slander against third parties
  2. Speech that amounts to violent or grotesque speech, obscenity, child pornography or child abuse, etc.
  3. Speech or behavior that violates public order and morals
  4. Behavior that may violate laws and ordinances, or that amounts to facilitating or assisting with illegal behavior
  5. Behavior that causes significant inconvenience to other users, third parties, or our company
  6. Slander against other users, third parties (including other services), or our company
  7. Impersonating other users
  8. Disclosing personal information of oneself or others
  9. Making commercial use of our service without our company’s permission
  10. Interfering with the operation of the service
  11. Causing damage to or loss of the service’s credibility
  12. Requesting transfers of money and the like, including chips, oneself
  13. Promoting or soliciting for confidence schemes or pyramid schemes
  14. Promoting or acting as an affiliate for other services
  15. Referring to bitcoin (the name of the currency) or BTC (the unit of bitcoin) as “bit.”This rule is in place to avoid serious misunderstandings, because there exists a bitcoin unit referred to as “bit(s)” which represents one millionth of a BTC.
  16. Any other behavior that our company deems inappropriate
When there is a problem with any content posted via the chat functionality, we may delete the content, correct it, or restrict access to the chat functionality for the poster involved. Thank you for your understanding.

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