1. Outline of how to start trading

1-1. How to start trading

By first depositing JPY with Zaif, you can use the Bitcoin/Monacoin Instant Exchange and use the Exchange. You can also do so by depositing your Bitcoin or Monacoin with Zaif. Please note that making a deposit requires a Zaif account.

1-2. The difference between “Instant Exchange” and “Exchange”

Instant Exchange is a service suitable for beginners and those who want to buy and sell immediately. Here, you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin or Monacoin. “Exchange” is a service for traders. Bitcoin and Monacoin trading can be done between users.

Instant Exchange

▼ How to use Instant Exchange
You can easily buy and sell Bitcoin or Monacoin on the Instant Exchange page. If you would like to buy Bitcoin or Monacoin, enter the quantity of Bitcoin or Monacoin you wish to buy or a fixed amount in JPY and continue with the purchase flow. If you want to sell, enter the quantity of Bitcoin or Monacoin you want to sell or a fixed amount of JPY in the same way as for a purchase, and continue with the sale flow.

For details, please see how to use Instant Exchange.


▼ How to use the Exchange
On the Exchange page, users can trade with one another in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.
Available transactions are “spot trading”, where even beginners can easily place buy orders, and “margin trading”, where leverage can be used by depositing your own funds as collateral.
When you trade, you can use a variety of functions useful for dealing, such as advanced charts, trading orders and stop-loss functions, full transaction history, notification function, and so on.
In addition, since you can see the transaction contents of other customers with the transaction history disclosure function, by all means find a skilled trader and see what kind of trading they do. *However, it is limited to those who allow public access.

For details, please see the Zaif Margin trading. For details, please see the Zaif Margin trading.

1-3. Depositing JPY

After logging in, go to the Account > Deposits and History > JPY Deposits & Withdrawals > JPY Deposits page on the menu, enter the amount you would like to deposit, and click the Start Deposit button. When the deposit request is accepted, Payer Name Format and Payee are displayed. Designate the payee and fill in your own name as indicated by the Payer Name Format and make the transfer. In order to prevent unauthorized remittances, etc., deposits by bank transfer exceeding 50,000 yen a day require ID verification. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Deposit of Japanese yen

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2. Procedure for provisional user registration

Register your email address and and your (provisional) user registration will be done. You will be sent an email confirming your registration and including a URL, so click the URL in the email to access. After accessing the site, the password registration screen will appear, so set your password.
2-1. Click on Register For Free on the top page.

New registration

2-2. Send your email address and you will receive an automatic reply email.
2-3. Access the URL included in the automatic reply email, and you can start using the site immediately after you register your password.
2-4. Continue by setting your basic information.
  • If you do not receive the registration confirmation email, check “I haven’t received a registration confirmation email” in the FAQ.
  • You cannot proceed to the next step unless you set a password with a strength of 50% or more.
  • Make sure to set a passwords that you do not use elsewhere.

Please check FAQ when you need help with registration.

3. Procedure for setting basic user information

Following the registration wizard, register your User Information and Bank Account Information.
3-1. Open the Account > Registration Information > User Information page.

setting basic user information

3-2. Enter basic user information such as your name, (phonetic) name, date of birth, country, address, contact phone number, preferred language, etc.
  • When you verify your identity, we will check it against your basic user information. Register your address up to the apartment building name.
  • If you forget your password, we will verify your identity. After you start trading, if your basic user information has not been entered correctly, it may not be possible to reissue you with a password.

Please check FAQ when you need help with setting basic user information.

4. Procedure for ID verification registration

Following the registration wizard, register your Phone Number Authentication and ID Verification Documents. If you have set up this far, your ID verification documents have been checked, and your ID has been verified by post, a badge indicating your ID verification approval will be displayed next to your account, and you will be eligible for various bonuses.
4-1. Open the Account > ID Verification > Phone Number Authentication page.

Phone number authentication

4-2. Enter your mobile phone number in the entry field and click Send.
4-3. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone, so check your phone number authentication code.
4-4 Enter the telephone number authentication code sent from the previous page.
4-5. Access Account > ID Verification > ID Verification Documents.

Identification document

“4-6. Upload your ID verification documents.
*Refer to the FAQ about files for ID verification.
  • The Basic Resident Registration Card (Juki Card) cannot be used.
  • Upload a certificate that is currently valid.
  • For personal ID documents that do not expire (such as resident cards, utility bills, telephone bill receipts, etc.), upload documents issued within the last 3 months.
  • So-called provisional licenses or international licenses, etc. cannot be accepted as ID documents.
  • Upload images with clear colors taken with a digital camera or smartphone. Black and white images, hard-to-read images, or images judged to have been processed are not allowed.
  • Even if you upload sufficient documents, we reserve the right to ask you to re-apply with another image such as a selfie (a self-portrait shot of you holding your own personal photo ID). *Please understand that, because of security concerns, we cannot respond to enquiries about our evaluation criteria.

Please confirm FAQ when you are having trouble with identity confirmation registration.

5. ID verification by post

It is completed in 3 steps. Confirm the following steps and respond accordingly. *Corporate customers are subject to the ID verification of one person in a position of authority.

5-1. [STEP 1] Send a postal request.

Send a postal request from Zaif’s ID Verification Request form. If there is a change to your registered address, change the address first. Please understand that if you do not make a request, we will be unable to respond any further.

Zaif’s ID Verification Request form

5-2. 【STEP 2】 Zaif will send a document by post to your registered address.

Zaif will occasionally post items to you at the address you registered. The ID verification code is included in a document sent by post.
  • The sender of the post is Tech Bureau, Corp., which operates Zaif.
  • If you’re not home, a delivery notice will usually be posted.
  • If you are arranging redelivery using a delivery notice, you can tell the post office your preferred delivery date and time period.

5-3. [STEP 3] Enter your ID verification code.

On the form below, enter the ID verification code included on the document received by post.

6. Procedure for 2-Step Authentication registration

We strongly recommend that you increase your security before you start trading. Setting up 2-step authentication means connecting with a smartphone application so that it is necessary to input a one-time password when carrying out various operations. Even if someone manages to break into your account, if you have set up 2-step authentication on the withdrawal page, it prevents any damages due to a withdrawal by someone other than the account
6-1. Open the Account > Account and Security > 2-step Authentication Settings page.

2-Step Authentication registration

  • After setting up 2-step authentication, print out the backup code, etc. and store it carefully.

Please confirm FAQ when you need help with 2-Step Authentication registration.

7. Login (when the 2-step authentication setting is enabled)

If 2-step authentication is set up for the login page, you will need an email address, password, and a one-time 2-step authentication password.
7-1. Log in using the Login button at the top of the site.

8. Procedure for depositing JPY

You need to deposit money when you start trading. When depositing JPY, go to the Deposit JPY page and request the amount you would like to deposit. When the request is completed, the transfer account will be displayed, so transfer using the name format (phonetic name + identification number). Once the transfer is completed, it will be shown in your account and you can start trading.
8-1. Open the Account > JPY Deposits & Withdrawals > JPY Deposit (Bank Transfer) page.

depositing JPY

8-2. Enter the amount you would like to deposit and click the Start Deposit button.
8-3. Transfer to the displayed payee using the payer name format as displayed.
  • Please contact us if you made a transfer using something other than the payer name format.
  • Deposits made outside banking hours will show at the beginning of the next bank business day. For example, if you make a transfer after 15:00 on a Friday, it will show at around 8:00 the following Monday (assuming it is a regular weekday). However, if it is made with SBI Bank, it will show immediately even outside business hours, as long as there is no mistake.

Please check FAQ when you are having trouble with depositing JPY.

9. Trading procedure

From the Buy form on the right, you can issue a buy order by entering the price and the quantity you want to buy for quantity 1, and clicking the Buy Order button. At this time, if a trading partner already has a trading order pending and can meet the quantity you ordered, you can buy with the order executed as a Taker order. If there is no trading partner at this time, the order remains in trading orders, and the order can be executed and bought when a trading partner appears.


  • If you issue an order price that is far removed from the sell price or buy price of trading orders that are pending, it may take some time before the desired person appears and an order is executed.
  • Due to fluctuations in the market price, even if you place an order, you may not be able to buy it. Confirm the indicative price of trading orders and make adjustments as necessary.

Please check Help for information on fees and bonuses.

10. Procedure for getting a BTC deposit address

When depositing BTC, first go to the BTC Deposit page and click the Get Bitcoin Deposit Address button to get an address.
If you remit from an external wallet to the acquired address, it will be deposited in your account.

deposit BTC

  • The deposit address and withdrawal address are not the same.
  • The deposit may take time, depending on the situation of the BTC network

11. Procedure for making a BTC withdrawal

When remitting to an external wallet, enter the withdrawal address, withdrawal amount, withdrawal fee, and 2-step authentication token, and make the withdrawal.

withdrawal BTC

  • BTC that has been withdrawn cannot be canceled.
  • Withdrawal and deposit addresses are not the same. Since cancellation and refund are not possible, please be careful not to deposit money to a withdrawal address.
  • The withdrawal fee is a given as a guide. It may differ from the fee that is actually incurred when you make a withdrawal.
  • The deposit may take time, depending on the situation of the BTC network
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