This page will guide new Zaif users through the registration process and how to set up their Zaif account. It will also show you how to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency.
You can move between the different topics using the menu on the left.
We have also listed some common problems that often occur when registering, making deposits, or making withdrawls.
If you continue to have problems after viewing this page, please try viewing our FAQ or contacting Support via the Inquiry page.

1. Required for Registration

The below items are necessary to register a Zaif account.

Required for Registration
    • E-mail Address

    • Smartphone

    • Personal Identity Documentation

(Driver’s License, My Number Card, Health Insurance Card, Public Utilities Bill)

    • Bank Account

(We recommend Sumishin SBI Net Bank for its ability to update your account in real-time, 24 hours a day)

2. User Registration


2-1. Enter Your Email Address

Type your email address into the mail form on Zaif’s home page and click “Register”.

2-2. Click The Link in the Email
Please click the URL in the automatically generated email from Zaif.

2-3. Password Setup
Once you have registered your password, user registration is complete.

2-4. Login
Input the email address and password your registered with, and click the login button.

××Common Problems××
I didn’t receive the registration email..

There are many cases where the wrong email was input when registering.
Also, the email may have been deleted or prevented from being sent due to anti-virus software on your mail server.
Please see “I did not recieve my registration emailfor more information.

××Common Problems××
When I access the URL in the registration email, I recieve a message that says “This URL is invalid”.

The URL in the automatically generated email will expire within 24 hours of being sent. Please access the URL in the email in this time frame.

3. Basic Information Settings


3-1. Go to Basic Information Page


Access the Basic Information page by going to “Account” at the top of the screen. From here, go to the “User info/ID Verification” tab and finally “User Information”.

3-2. Entering Basic Information
Please enter the following information: Name, Name in English Notation, Birth Date, Country of Residence, Address, Phone Number, Language, etc.
After entering your information, click the “Change” button.

××Common Problems××
My address was input incorrectly, so I couldn’t verify my identity or have my password re-issued…

Basic Information: Osaka, Kishiwada-shi, Araki-cho, 2 Chome, 8-15
Identity Verification: 2-8-15, Araki-cho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka


We will refer to your Basic Information when confirming your identity or re-issuing passwords. Please make sure the information listed here is correct.


4. Identity Verification


4-1. Go to Identity Verification Page
From the Account Page, access “ID Verification” -> “Personal identification documents” to display the Identity Verification page.

4-2. Select Documents for Submission
First, select what type of document you are submitting to verify your identity.

For more information on what documents are required, please refer to “What documents do I need to submit to verify my identity?” for more information.

4-3. Selecting Files
Click the “Select Files” button, and select a file according to the document type you chose in 4-1 to upload.

After selecting your file, click the “Upload” button.
*If the file names are the same, the upload will fail. Please be careful.

4-5. Submitting Identity Verification Documentation
Once you have uploaded all of your documentation, click the “Apply for Identity Verification”.
If you pass the inspection, your ID verification code will be sent to you by mail.

××Common Problems××
I uploaded my documentation, but my application was sent back as the documentation was insufficient.

It is possible your application was sent back for the below reasons.

●The files were not uploaded correctly as they had the same names.
●If you are applying as a corporation, you may have uploaded the wrong documentation or forgot to upload all necessary documentation.
●Your pictures may be unclear, so the information on your documentation cannot be confirmed.

If your application is sent back, we will send a message to your account’s mailbox.
Please check this message to understand why your application was sent back.

5. Phone Number Authentication


5-1. Go to the Phone Number Authentication Page
From the Account Page, access “ID Verification” -> “Phone Number Authentication” to display the Phone Number Authentication page.

5-2. Input Phone Number into Form
Please input the phone number you are currently using.

If you do not have a cell phone, please see “I don’t have a cell phone – how can I complete Phone Number Authentication?” for more information.

5-3. Transmission
After inputting your phone number, click “Send”.

5-4. Enter the Code on the Authentication Code Page
Enter the number that you received through text message on this page.

××Common Problems××
I did not receive the text message.

Depending on the state of your connection, it may take some time for your text message to arrive to your phone.
You may also not be able to recieve the authentication code due to mail server filtering settings, the type of phone you have, or due to the type of phone contract you have.
It is also possible to authenticate your phone number and receive a code by sending us Proof of Payment of your phone bill.

Please refer to the below instructions for more information.

*If you have changed your spam mail filters as described in “If you do not receive an authentication code” and have not received an authentication code after 3 days, please follow the procedure as listed in “If I don’t have a cell phone, will I not be able to complete the phone number authentication?”. You can do this procedure through our Inquiry Page or by uploading your docuimentation to the Identity Verification page.

6. Identity Verification By Mailing


6-1 Go to the Identity Verification by Mailing Page
From the top of the Account Page, access “ID Verification” -> “Check Mail” to display the Identity Verification by Mailing page.

6-2. Enter your Personal Identification Code
Enter the ID Verification code you recieved on the postcard and click “Send the identity verification code”.

This completes your Identity Verification!

7. Two Factor Authentication



7-1. Go to the Two Factor Authentication page.
From the top of the Account Page, access “Security” -> “2FA Settings” to display the “Two Factor Authentication” page.

7-2. Click the “Start Using 2FA Button”.

7-3. Download an App on your Smartphone
Download a Two Factor Authentication application from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
If you use our recommend applications, it will be easier to set up if you ever change phones.

7-4. Read the QR Code on the Page via the App
Follow the instructions on your application to read the QR Code listed on the page.

7-5. Enter the 2FA Token and Complete Initial Setup
Enter the Token that is displayed on the application into the form, and you will have completed your initial setup.

What is a Token?
A token is the 6 digit number that is displayed on your 2FA application.
After some time has passed, the displayed code will switch to a new code, and you will not be able to use the previous code.

××Common Problems××
I recieved an error saying “Cannot authenticate Token”…

It is possible that the token was entered incorrectly or not input within the time limit. Please try entering the token again.
If you still recieve this error after multiple attempts, please contact us from our Inquiry page.

8. Depositing Japanese Yen


8.1 Go to the Japanese Yen Deposit Page
From the top of the Account page, click the Japanese Yen icon to go to the Japanese Yen Withdrawal/Deposit and History page.

8-2. Choose a Deposit Method
You can currently choose from three different deposit options. Please choose the deposit type you would like to use.
  • Money Transfer via Bank

  • Convenience Store Deposit

  • Pay-Easy Deposit

8-3. Entering Deposit
Enter the amount of money you would like to deposit and click the “Deposit” button.

8-4. Follow the Next Steps to Complete Your Deposit
Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to complete your deposit.
Please see below for more information about making a deposit.

You are all ready to begin trading!

    • Transfers from banks that occur outside of business hours will occur at the start of the next business day, so it may take some time for your account to show this deposit.

*We recommend making deposits via Jyushin SBI Net Bank, as they update their accounts in real time 24 hours a day.

  • Convenience Store and Pay-Easy deposits are supported 24 hours a day.

9. Instant Exchange and Exchange: What’s the Difference?


Example Screen of the Instant Exchange

*As of July 2nd, 2018, you can now buy and sell XEM (NEM) and ETH (Ethereum) on the Instant Exchange.

9-1. What is the Instant Exchange?
The Instant Exchange is a service meant for people who have just started trading virtual currency, or want to immediately buy or sell virtual currency. On the Instant Exchange, you easily buy and sell Bitcoin, Nem (XEM), Monacoin, and Ethereum.

9-2.How to Use the Instant Exchange
Enter an amount of Japanese yen, and then follow the purchasing flow.
If you are selling, input the amount of virtual currency you would like to sell, and then follow the sale flow.

Go to the Instant Exchange


Example Screen of the Exchange

9-3. What is the Exchange?
The Exchange is a service made for traders, where multiple kinds of virtual currencies are traded between users.
*There are cases where a trade cannot be made immediately. This is based on factors such as the value entered for the buy/sell order, the market price at the time, or the number of buyers/sellers currently participating in the Exchange.

9-4. How to use the Exchange
There are three kinds of trades you can currently conduct.
    • Spot Trading


A simple to understand way for beginners to begin placing buy orders.

    • Margin Trading


You can also make leveraged trades using your own capital as collateral.

    • AirFX


You can made trades with leverage up to a maximum of 4x your margin with AirFx.

When you begin trading, you’ll have access to many different functions to assist you in making transactions: Multi-Functional Chart, Buy/Sell Orders Table, Stop Loss, Complete Transaction History, and Notifications.
You can also see the details of trades made by other users with the Public Trade History function. Try finding experienced traders and see what kinds of trades they are making.
*This only applies to traders who have made their trades public.

Go to the Exchange

10. Obtaining a Bitcoin Deposit Address


We will show you an example of how to obtain a Bitcoin deposit address.

10-1. Go to the Bitcoin Deposit/Withdrawal and History Page
From the top of your Account page, click the Bitcoin (BTC) icon and proceeds to the Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit and Withdrawal Page.

10-2. Obtaining a Deposit Address
Click the “Obtain Bitcoin Deposit Address” button to acquire your Bitcoin deposit address.

10-3. Sending Currency
Please send your currency from your external wallet to the address you obtained.
When the currency is sent, it will be deposited into your account.
  • Your deposit address and withdrawal address are not the same.

  • Depending on the state of the BTC network, it may take some time for your deposit to process.

  • The deposit and withdrawal addresses are different for each kind of virtual currency. Please obtain the addresses for each kind of virtual currency you would like to make trades with.

11. Obtaining a Bitcoin Withdraw Address


We will show you an example of how to withdraw Bitcoin (BTC).

11-1. Go to the Bitcoin Deposit/Withdrawal and History Page
From the top of your Account page, click the Bitcoin (BTC) icon and proceeds to the Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit and Withdrawal Page.
Click the “Withdrawal” button.

11-2. Entering the Withdrawal Address
Carefully copy and paste the correct address into the Withdrawal Address field.
If you are using the “Withdrawal Address Manager”, you can choose from addresses you have previously registered.
We recommend using the Withdrawal Address Manager to prevent any input mistakes when making a withdrawal.

11-3. Commence Bitcoin Withdrawal
Click the “Start Withdrawal” button.
  • Once you have withdrawn BTC, you cannot erase or reverse the transaction.

  • The withdrawal and deposit address are not the same. We cannot erase transactions or return your currency. Please be careful and do not try to deposit money into a withdrawal address.

  • The withdrawal handling fees are only an estimate. There may be cases where the actual handling fees that are incurred at the time of withdrawal are different from the estimate.

  • Depending on the state of the BTC network, it may take some time for your deposit to process.