Zaif Exchange API Ver 1.05.02

Zaif Exchange API (application programming interface) allows you to access and trade with your accounts, using custom software.

Trading API

Trading API Document is separated from the Public API document.

Public API

  • Authentication : No authentication required.
  • Request limit : Do not make more than 300 requests per minutes.

Streaming API (real time api via websocket)

  • Zaif Streaming API pushes real time open orders, recent trades and the latest price.
    • btc_jpy – wss://
    • xem_jpy – wss://
    • xem_btc – wss://
    • mona_jpy – wss://
    • mona_btc – wss://
    • Returns JSON
	"asks":[[30000.0, 0.1],[30010.0, 0.2],...],
	"bids":[[29500.0, 0.5],[29300.0, 0.1],...],
	"timestamp":"2015-04-01 18:16:01.739990",

The unofficial software libraries.

The unofficial software libraries for Zaif API are listed on here (Japanese page).